Golf Coaching

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Improve your golf game

During our Golf Coaching sessions pupils will receive instructions, tailormade to their personal requirements.

Our PGA Professional Roy Holland is ready to improve all aspects of your game including long game, short game, putting, on course strategy and even your mental approach to the game.

Lesson Plan

30 Minute lessons are ideal for beginners or as an assessment to develop a personalised plan.

Our PGA Professional Roy Holland can provide a tailored lesson programme.  

 Starting on the Driving Range, you will advance to 9 or 18 hole playing lessons, offering a chance to play Cricket St Thomas golf course with a PGA Professional and to receive tuition and advice on course strategy as you go round.  You will receive a post lesson ‘report’ on your game. We can also offer Video Analysis after your session to show further ways of improving your game.



Lesson Prices

Lesson SpecificationPrice
Adult (30 Minute)£25 (Member) £30 (Visitor)
Adult (60 Minute)£45 (Member) £50 (Visitor)
Junior (30 Minute)£20 (Member) £25 (Visitor)
Junior (60 Minute)£35 (Member) £40 (Visitor)
Course (2 Hours)£75 (Member and Visitor)
Course (4 Hours)£140 (Member and Visitor
6 for the Price of 5 (30 Minute)£125 (Member) £150 (Visitor)
6 for the Price of 5 (60 Minute)£225 (Member) £250 (Visitor)
Ladies Group Coaching (Saturday 11am - 12pm)£10.00 a session
£30.00 (book 4 in advance)
Seniors Group Coaching (Thursday 10am - 11am)£10.00 a session
£30.00 (book 4 in advance)
Juniors Group Coaching (Saturday 10am - 11am)£7.50 a session
£20.00 (book 4 in advance)

Course Status

Course Open - No Restrictions - 23.05.22